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For submission, fill out the form below and submit the information when completed. The manuscript should adhere to preparation guideline for each selected journal. The authors can also prepare the manuscript by using the appropriate journal template or sample paper.
In order to permit double blind review, all authors' names, their affiliations, contact information as well as the names of potential referees, should preferentially be included in the cover letter.
All manuscripts will be checked by Docol©c, a plagiarism finding tool. So, before submitting your manuscript to Scienceline Journals, please make sure that the manuscript being submitted:
1.IS NOT a plagiarized and duplicated manuscript, published previously and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.
2.IS NOT an opinion piece, essay or report of primary research, that is, a report about the results from a collection of new data, BUT IS a research or part of large body of research that pays careful attention to the details of the methods and results of the individual studies.
3.ALL coauthors are agree with the content of the manuscript, have approved the submission and have obtained permission for publish the work after any amendments arising from the peer review.

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